Monday, March 14, 2011

From Revitalized to Ecstatic

2010 is an year i like to forget . Untrustworthy friends , unwanted relations and so on. I am dried up there is no happiness in me. every relations i tried to hold @ whatever cost were proven worthless. I returned to my hood . Zaam , Sareena , Wilson , Geena and Aneesha i can never forget anyone of these in my life .

Zaam ooh dear he never fails to amaze me . one dialog from him is enough to judge his class. " if she had really loved you she would have trusted you , leave that bitch she don't deserves you " . emm i thought for a while ya he is right . From there started my revitalizing stage.

Sareena what to say simply awesome . She argues with me every time and i am out of words each of those time . She thought me a big lesson Ignore your enemies & dont try to prove yourself cuz relations with peoples who doubts about your credibility do bad than good . I dont need a proof to realize these words are right cuz i am experienced enough with doubtful bitches and head weight Bastards !!

Geena - she is the best thing i have got . what a nice girl she is . She isnt capable of anything . cant advise good , cant inspire , full of doubts, but one thing i like is her trust . what a girl ...nothing more abt you . i like to keep the things about you as a secret .

Wilson we are the same . Same problems my favorite friend . Both betrayed both came up strong . I like your unselfishness. Your striking dialogs. I think most of those peoples try to learn from you. i thought only gals can inspire boys out of their love failure but you
proved me wrong .

Aneesha - my opposite side . more like a child. but the maturity you showed while solving the problem b/w us was amazing . I like your tantrums. i am ecstatic while watching you . i was same like you a few years back . You had a good future in you .

All these people brought changes to my life . you can notice the change from this blog itself . go through my first posts which i posted last year . there you can see a crazy guy who is silly on everything but not anymore .......... The stage is set happiness is back . Form revitalized to ecstatic . I am taking something from Wilson's Facebook profile to end this one .

"Where I am is no limit, no walls, no ceilings
No intermission,
So let the party begin"


  1. awesome.. u are good at writing... I am really impressed :)

  2. Neethu ee resurgeon okke enthooota :D

  3. Impress aaya ;)

    Thathirthana thirana na naaa :P