Monday, September 24, 2012

Liverpool 1-2 Manchester United Jokes ( Mark Halsey edition )


  •   I can see Ashley Young is doing a fine job teaching his teammates how to dive.. 

  • It Seems Like Webb's Days Are Over At United...As There New Signing Mark Halsey Has perfomed Great In His Debut....Halsey Has take A Major Role In Winning 2:1 Against His Rival Liverpool As He Is The Man Of The Match...

  •  Liverpool have answers for their 11 players out there but not for the twelfth man Mr - Mark Hasley . 

  • It's difficult enough playing with 10 men against 11, but it's impossible against 12.

  • Looks like Mark Halsey was graduated from 'Howard Webb's School of Refereeing' 

  • Not Sure if Liverpool v/s Man Utd or Liverpool v/s Mark Halsey 

  • Stupid Liverpool Supporters threatens Halsey by saying that they will destroy his car .
    Everyone knows he travel on Man United team Bus