Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EPL season Preview 2012/2013 (Contenders)

The best league in the world is about be kicked of in August , so lets take a look at four teams which appears to be major title contenders - Arsenal ,Chelsea , Manchester United & Manchester City . With Potential New Signings teams have caught imaginations of millions of Fans across the  world .


Arsenal might be the Dark Horse of  This Season .With  Great and experienced Signings like Podolski , Santi Cazorla Olivier Giroud Professor Wenger has got Arsenal  Fans on their Toe .The team looks good enough to end their 7 year long trophy drought . their fixtures likely to aid them since they don't have any tough matches towards the end of the season ( the usually choke at the end ) . 

Positives - Style of Play , Vermalean , Young and enthusiastic Squad . 

Negatives - RVP Saga , Weak and injury prone full Backs , average Goal Keeper . 

Prediction - 4th Or 3rd Maybe


A potential new look for Chelsea This Season . Top Class signings in the form of Hazard and Oscar the Club managed to find Young replacements for their Legendary Old Guard ( Money talks) . Chelsea look like serious contenders for title this season . But the recent loses doesn't look like a Chelsea we used to know . yup i'm serious ....four back to back  loses is not we expect from a team which is the reigning European Champions ! 

Positives - The BUS , Midfield , Petr Cech & rejuvenated Torres , New signings 

Negatives - New squad needs time to gel , Novice coach , weak back Ups for defenders + fixture congestion  

Prediction - from 7th to 2nd (depending on how quickly the team would gel ) 

Manchester United 

Manchester United is an Unpredictable team . Only thing we can predict about them is that they will be in title race till the End . The team had Lose out on a few transfer deals Like Moura & Hazard but still manage to find able replacement in the form of Kagawa . The teams performance in pre season is not that convincing to be called as title contenders . 

Positives - Sir Alex Ferguson , Rooney , Kagawa .

Negatives - Squad Strength , Weak defense especially Full backs ,

Prediction - 2nd

Manchester City

Reigning Premier League Champions looks Like the team to beat This season . Their pre season was nothing less than the standard expected by them and was followed by a breath taking performance against Chelsea in Charity Shield . They have the best squad in the league by a mile and they look like the team to win EPL again .

Positives - Squad Strength , Bench Strength , Joe Hart & Yaya Toure

Negatives - Too many cooks spoil the broth so too many game changers some times end up in playing selfish . Otherwise a near perfect squad assisted by a world class manager .

prediction - 1st ( I can see them challenging the invincible status of arsenal )
 PS - Liverpool Under Brendan Rogers Looks lively so I think Liverpool might finish in top 4 knocking out one of these teams ..most probably CHELSEA