Sunday, July 25, 2010

When i saw U!

And there i sat alone in ma lawn
She passes me without doing a thing,
I am shaken, I hold my heart in ma hand
I cant breath, i feel like vanishing into thin air..
I don't know why ??????
Trees look more greener
Birds sings more sweetly
The Clouds seems 2 be attractive
May be that's what love is all about

Friday, July 23, 2010


Only three persons had inspired me so far in ma life .2 guys AND a gal but One guy whom i thought 2 be ma brother had a fight wid me and left me !

and now d gal whos ignoring me for no reason ha may be having fun watching me in pain

Third and final is ma uncle inspired me ,protected me, gave me ma life, gave me job ,modified ma attitude , sharpend ma skill ,taught me 2 approach everything wid an elegance ,taught me Elegance is an attitude..and so many acted as a positive catalyst in ma growth...:) Being an atheist i always smiled when others asked whos god now i see tht in you .Ur above God for me . I do know its an understatement but i cant express ma gratitude in a better way .I am sorry ...thanks for making this mob blood child in d family for someones envy . I wish ur near me.I miss u a lot .I do have 2 say one day drive wid u modified ma charector.

I am on ma knees, tears flowing of ma eyes when i am writing this ...and i cant repay u wid dis life but ill try dying.. i know even tht aint is enough...Thanks a lot ..for everything thanks a ton for changing me ..

U havent died... in ma memories u ill be !! I wish if so called god had taken my life instead of urs..i dont know or i neve thought ....i havent cried since i was 10 but i dont know and i dont care abt ma reputation ...tears r flowing like a river . i cant stop..i cant ...i cant..i neve can ...i dont beleive ur away from me..i thought i am in pain...but now i understood wht real pain is no medcine can alleviate it ..i would have commited suicide...but i know i had a promise 2 U..ill be the best and then only ill die no god can take ma life before tht

dated today (18/7/10) 8 pm

i wish i could have said 2 some one but i have no one thts Y am shouting it here..i have 2 shout 2 d world i have seen GOD !..and u havent died in ma memories u will be ma memories u will be..:((


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worst Orkut Experience

Hmm am dishonest .... u can never expect me 2 b honest...One day I met a gal in orkut..she talks well...i mean really well..she talked 2 me so friendly and i had an instant crush on her..and we kept n chatting for days and i felt tht am in love wid her...and i proposed..she rejected..huff..and said shes is ALA( anti LOVE Association)..but she kept on talking wid me every time she talked my love towards her not ready 2 give up..i proposed every time i talked 2 her...but idiot kept on rejecting down...i started 2 hate her...she always played tricks on me..she talked as if she loved me...and whnever i propose she ill reject ..huff usual ma crazy mind turned crude...i started ignoring her...started 2 hate her...but she still talked wid me..and kept on saying am against love .....and all ma love drained away..instead its full of day..she said she loves me..and i thought..shes still playing trick on me!!...I replied furiously "Stop playing tricks wid me..." she said something so emotional..and am full of anger..asked her 2 get lost...and disconnected d phone..after a few minutes an SMS came..frm her.....and a call also..i accepted.. she is crying badly..OMG and said something..actualy i didn't hear anything bcoz her voice was so unclear due 2 emotions..... i was afraid and thought shes gonna commit suicide(her voice made me feel like tht -- silly me) I decided 2 call one of ma best Pals (Riyaz)in orkut..time was 3o clock in morning...he took d phone and said 2 him shes gonna commit suicide..(ya true am not lying ask Riyaz if u had any doubt...)...and i dont knw wht he had said 2 her...but she seems quite ok after tht....actually wht i feel sorry for her...and on tht day i decided no more flirting in orkut.(..Now u guys might have d answer for me being so decent Now a days)..Silly gal had her love in her mind and kept concealed frm me and made me hate her....huff.

All those gals and boys out there i have something 2 say..if u love someone go and say 2 him or her directly..or else he/she might be unavailable whn u decided 2 say..

AND I request ma friend Riyaz not 2 say the gals name 2 anyone thank U!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well lets start wid me!!

Well i am not artistic as any one one out here forgive ma mistakes....for me am d most insignificant individual of this century...well i dont knw Y am created 2 such a lazy idiot..ya am not realy an atheist but i realy dont have time ...2 be a beliver bcoz am so lazy..u cant expect frequent posts in dis blog lazy..thts all for ill say l8r!!


Hey buddies i was trying 2 create a blog and i ended up in here.. hmm i dont know wht 2 write here well am dumb as usual ..well am a crazy freakout dude who cant keep my mind @ anything..i ll do all those things which is said not 2 be lazy..uncool..attitudic arrogant..hmm blah blah..YA thts me A CRAZYRASCAL