Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worst Orkut Experience

Hmm am dishonest .... u can never expect me 2 b honest...One day I met a gal in orkut..she talks well...i mean really well..she talked 2 me so friendly and i had an instant crush on her..and we kept n chatting for days and i felt tht am in love wid her...and i proposed..she rejected..huff..and said shes is ALA( anti LOVE Association)..but she kept on talking wid me every time she talked my love towards her not ready 2 give up..i proposed every time i talked 2 her...but idiot kept on rejecting down...i started 2 hate her...she always played tricks on me..she talked as if she loved me...and whnever i propose she ill reject ..huff usual ma crazy mind turned crude...i started ignoring her...started 2 hate her...but she still talked wid me..and kept on saying am against love .....and all ma love drained away..instead its full of day..she said she loves me..and i thought..shes still playing trick on me!!...I replied furiously "Stop playing tricks wid me..." she said something so emotional..and am full of anger..asked her 2 get lost...and disconnected d phone..after a few minutes an SMS came..frm her.....and a call also..i accepted.. she is crying badly..OMG and said something..actualy i didn't hear anything bcoz her voice was so unclear due 2 emotions..... i was afraid and thought shes gonna commit suicide(her voice made me feel like tht -- silly me) I decided 2 call one of ma best Pals (Riyaz)in orkut..time was 3o clock in morning...he took d phone and said 2 him shes gonna commit suicide..(ya true am not lying ask Riyaz if u had any doubt...)...and i dont knw wht he had said 2 her...but she seems quite ok after tht....actually wht i feel sorry for her...and on tht day i decided no more flirting in orkut.(..Now u guys might have d answer for me being so decent Now a days)..Silly gal had her love in her mind and kept concealed frm me and made me hate her....huff.

All those gals and boys out there i have something 2 say..if u love someone go and say 2 him or her directly..or else he/she might be unavailable whn u decided 2 say..

AND I request ma friend Riyaz not 2 say the gals name 2 anyone thank U!!


  1. gud luck:)

    riyazikkaakkum he he:P

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