Friday, July 23, 2010


Only three persons had inspired me so far in ma life .2 guys AND a gal but One guy whom i thought 2 be ma brother had a fight wid me and left me !

and now d gal whos ignoring me for no reason ha may be having fun watching me in pain

Third and final is ma uncle inspired me ,protected me, gave me ma life, gave me job ,modified ma attitude , sharpend ma skill ,taught me 2 approach everything wid an elegance ,taught me Elegance is an attitude..and so many acted as a positive catalyst in ma growth...:) Being an atheist i always smiled when others asked whos god now i see tht in you .Ur above God for me . I do know its an understatement but i cant express ma gratitude in a better way .I am sorry ...thanks for making this mob blood child in d family for someones envy . I wish ur near me.I miss u a lot .I do have 2 say one day drive wid u modified ma charector.

I am on ma knees, tears flowing of ma eyes when i am writing this ...and i cant repay u wid dis life but ill try dying.. i know even tht aint is enough...Thanks a lot ..for everything thanks a ton for changing me ..

U havent died... in ma memories u ill be !! I wish if so called god had taken my life instead of urs..i dont know or i neve thought ....i havent cried since i was 10 but i dont know and i dont care abt ma reputation ...tears r flowing like a river . i cant stop..i cant ...i cant..i neve can ...i dont beleive ur away from me..i thought i am in pain...but now i understood wht real pain is no medcine can alleviate it ..i would have commited suicide...but i know i had a promise 2 U..ill be the best and then only ill die no god can take ma life before tht

dated today (18/7/10) 8 pm

i wish i could have said 2 some one but i have no one thts Y am shouting it here..i have 2 shout 2 d world i have seen GOD !..and u havent died in ma memories u will be ma memories u will be..:((


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