Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Manchester United Fans are the most Hated ones in the world

Typical Arguments by Manchester United Fans ! 

# David Luiz is a shit Defender 

 That's why Barcelona is offering 35 Million for him . If you call Luiz shit what will you Call Evans , Evra and Ferdinand 

# John Terry Sleeps with his team mates wife so he is not a Legend .

What about Ryan giggs you morons . 

# Ferdinand is Better Than John Terry .

 Bitch Please Terry has been selected as UEFA defender of the year 3 times which isn't bettered by None 

# Suarez hasn't shaked hands with Evra he should be sold 

What about those United players who refused to shake hands with Viera in the past . 

# Suarez is a Diver 

Rooney has been booked 4 times for diving , Nani has been booked 6 times , Chicharito has been booked 4 times & Suarez has been booked ...never ..and ya its a true fact . 

# Balotelli has been extremely disrespectful 

If Evra can celebrate Infront of Suarez why can't Balotelli 

# Cristiano Ronaldo Better than Messi 

Bitch Please !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

# Arsenal FC = RVP FC 

If Arsenal is one man team what about Man United . Take a look at Rooney and his goals and talk you bitches .

And finally when they are out of answers 

 # "Haters hate !! ur hate makes us stronger !! " #

For united fans information we dont care if u have more trophies than others or if u took take shit in the morning.first learn to respect other teams !!Even ur united team would be embarrassed if they know that idiots like u support their team !! 
"Give respect and take respect "!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple products - Football Jokes !!

Apple announce varieties of new Tablets 

 Fernando Torres tablet - iMissed

Abramovich Tablet - iSacked

Mario Balotelli Tablet - iMad

Joey Barton Tablet - iBad 

Patrice Evra Tablet - iCunt 

Luiz Suarez Tablet - iDive

John Terry Tablet - iSlip

Andre Villas Boas Tablet - iCircus 

Van Persie Tablet - iScore 

Steve Kean Tablet - iStay 

PS : David De Gea Tablet - iCatch has been removed from market since it doesn't catch anything .