Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lampard Or Gerrard - Who is better ?

This is one of the toughest of questions one would ever come across ( Unless you are A Chelsea or Liverpool fan )  . Without doubt they are one of the greatest players and legends for their respective clubs . Lets take a deep analysis into the statistics of each players .

Premier League stats
Lampard Apps - 518  , Minutes played - 43975 , Goals - 149, Assists - 114  , Minutes / Goal - 297

Gerrard Apps - 375 , Minutes played - 30898 , Goals - 87, Assists - 41  , Minutes / Goal - 355

In premier League Lampard definitely holds an edge over Gerrard  having scored more goals and 3 times more assists !

Advantage - Lampard

FA CUP & Carling Cup + Community Shield

Lampard Apps - 57  , Minutes played - 4550 , Goals -  32 , Assists - 16 , Minutes / Goal - 142

Gerrard    Apps - 26  , Minutes played - 1726 , Goals -  11 , Assists - 8 , Minutes / Goal -  156

Lampard has played almost twice matches than Gerrard but has three times more goals and wo times more assists than Gerrard

Advantage - Lampard

Continental Competitions ( UCL & Europa )
Lampard Apps - 84  , Minutes played - 7101 , Goals -  21 , Assists -24 , Minutes / Goal - 338

Gerrard    Apps - 86  , Minutes played - 7227 , Goals - 25  , Assists - 15 , Minutes / Goal -  290

Gerrard has an Edge over Lampard in Continental matches but you must look on the fact that Lampard hasn't played in Europa but Gerrard has played 18 Europa league matches

Advantage - Gerrard 
Big Match Player
Gerrard is often known as big match player among these two now take a look at their statistics on high prolific opponents

Opponent 1 - Manchester United

Lampard - Apps - 34 Goals - 7 ,Assists - 5
Gerrard  - Apps - 27 Goals - 5 , Assists - 3

Advantage - Lampard 

Opponent 2 - Arsenal
Lampard - Apps - 34 Goals - 3 ,Assists - 7
Gerrard  - Apps - 25 Goals - 5 , Assists - 4

Advantage - Gerrard 
Opponent 3 - Liverpool or Chelsea 

Lampard - Apps - 42 Goals - 8 ,Assists - 6
Gerrard  - Apps - 31 Goals - 1 , Assists - 3

Advantage - Lampard 

Opponent 4 - Manchester City
Lampard - Apps - 19 Goals - 7 ,Assists - 4
Gerrard  - Apps - 21 Goals - 5 , Assists - 2

Advantage - Lampard 

Opponent 5 - Tottenham
Lampard - Apps - 31 Goals -  9 ,Assists - 4
Gerrard  - Apps - 17 Goals - 2 , Assists - 2

Advantage - Lampard 

Opponent 6 - Barcelona , ACMilan , Bayern Munich , Real Madrid ,Intermilan
Lampard - Apps - 12 Goals - 6 ,Assists - 2
Gerrard  - Apps - 13 Goals - 4 , Assists - 0

Advantage - Lampard 

Lampard -   Goals - 40  ,Assists - 28
Gerrard  -  Goals - 22 , Assists - 14

Advantage - Lampard 

Even In big matches Lampard holds an advantage over So called big match player Gerrard !

You can argue as much as you want but its still a fact and stats prove that
 Lampard is better Than Gerrard  


  1. Very good and unbiased comparison. But I guess people will argue that Gerrard adds a lot more to the team than Lampard as a leader. But again that is not a weakness of Lampard as Chelsea has John Terry.

    You can even compare their international stats (which are not great by any means). But still, if you look at it without bias, Lampard edges it. People tend to forget about 2004/2005 where Lampard was England's best player. But in recent times, Gerrard has been the better player (Lampard has been worse rather) for England.

    If Lampard played for a different club (Man Utd or Liverpool for instance), I think he would have been appreciated more.

  2. gerrard better all round player.. lampard better goal scorer , as these stats prove

    respect lampaard ( from liverpool fan! )

  3. These stats prove that Lampard is the better provider as well...
    (comparing the assists)

  4. Lampard is not just a goal scorer! Watch this video then! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxGK_E8KZ-A&feature=related

  5. Clearly lampard is better then gerrard,that's why he got the number 8 when they play for england

    1. a number that's what you thinks better
      gerrard is better end of

  6. goals arent everything, impact and effect on players around them come into it

    1. indeed...you win matches with possesion or shots. dumb prick. of course goals are everything

  7. goals aren't everything. Lampard takes most of the penalties too, unlike Gerrard.. this season 2 goals, both penalties. I wonder how many of those goals used in comparison were penalties.

    Then there is also the position they play. Gerrard can play defensive mid and still do great, eg. England Euro 2012 as well as be a winger. Lampard isn't so flexible.

    Gerrard IS a big match player. Champions League final 2005, FA cup final 2006. He brought the deal back from dead.

    By this I don't mean Lampard is a bad player though. both are great players in their own rights. Too bad no England manager could use them to their full potential.

  8. "You can argue as much as you want but its still a fact and stats prove that Lampard is better Than Gerrard" - that's an arrogant statement to conclude an analysis.

    Statistic doesn't really prove which player is better. We have to watch them play and see their impact for the team. Lampard is more attacking, while Gerrard is general type of midfield. In fact, Gerrard started his career as a defensive midfielder (as a right back few times). Someone stated that this is an unbiased analysis, but it's clearly biased towards Lampard. And talk about big matches, Gerrard scored in Champions League final, FA Cup final, League Cup final, UEFA Cup final, World Cup, & European Championship matches.

    1. you stupid fuck should just admit it

  9. Good stats... There is one thing missing though.
    The quality of players around Gerrard and Lampard. The massive difference in squad that Chelsea has when compared to Liverpool increases Gerrard's value.

  10. Gerrard plays in the middle of the park while Lampard plays in a slightly forward position. Hence Lampard has a higher chance in attacking.

  11. Who the fuck wrote it???
    that guy is surely brainless as he cant see that Gerrad has played less matches than Lampard
    Lampard is more sort of attacking player than Gerrad.
    Gerrad is better overall team player as he leads the team.
    Everyone has seen AC Milan vs Liverpool 2005 match
    He was the source of inspiration for the whole team.
    All who say that Lampard got 8 number jersey in England
    Just 1 question to them..
    Think of it
    They both are the best and can never be compared

  12. Given the achievements they both have. Lampard surely has better of Gerrard !!! But nonetheless both are class acts.

  13. both are world class,and still the best. stats couldnt mean much, but to me, lampard is better than stevie. thats my reasons:
    -lampard is more reliable: thats the actual meaning of stats,the consistency.lampard showed hes extremely fit(hes been injuried rarely for a midf)and if u play him,u got unbelievable possibility ur team scores. thats happening for 10years.
    -lampard can defend. i dont say gerrard cant, hes great. but ppl say lampard is only an atk mid, only because he scores tons of goals. well,if u look at his positions through the years,he always played as a pure midfielder,never as atk mid. gerrard even played as second striker. if u look at lampards games u can see how hard he works,how many tackles he wins
    -lampards mentality: gerrards always been the favourite of media and the england ppl for many reasons(all totally valid), so he never felt the pressure lampard carries every game. everybody just wait for a lampard bad game to write him off,always been that.but he always proved them wrong,always. players have been destroyed by that,not him. probably thats what make him the best to me.

    hope u dont get me wrong, lamps and stevie g are still the best midfielders there is, and overall, they are on the same level. i just take lampard if i have to choose.

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  17. I'd suggest Lampard is better, but there is a difference in the clubs. Maybe compare the England records and it would be fairer.

    Lampard is played futher from the goal than Gerrard, however Lampard is an attacking central midfielder, Gerrard is a defensive attacking midfielder. If that makes sense!

  18. A better midfielder is not proved by goals or assists if you put paul scholes stats up against lampards his goals and assists are alot less. But who would people consider the better player? Scholes still played vital passes and scored vital goals without matching the sam stats as lampard. The same goes for Gerrard he played in alot weaker team and his general attributes outweigh lampards making him the better player. You could put lampards stats up against xavi, iniesta, alonso, ronaldinho, scholes or even zidane and they might look better but there is more to a midfielder than goals and assists.

  19. Also reading comments about lamapards position are ridicoulous. He was played as an attack midfielder with two central midfielders behind him. This gives him the liscence to roam free. He has done and exceptional job as a player but to argue the point you have to look at his position. As a general midfielder Gerrard has excels more he has an all round game where as lampard doesnt.

  20. Gerrard has played as a 2nd striker many times, whereas Lampard never does, but Gerrard has played on the wing and also farther back than Lampard at times, so I'd say that evens out any advantage for either player, in terms of goals scored. They have both taken a lot of penalties, Lampard has taken more penalties simply because he is better at them. Gerrard had better players around him during the early stages of his career, Lampard has had better players around him during the latter stages of his career. Gerrard has a more powerful shot, but Lampard has a more accurate shot. They are both good passers of the ball. Lampard's tackling is probably slightly better than Gerrard's, with Gerrard being the more reckless of the two. Lampard's disciplinary record is a lot better than Gerrard's, and Lampard is basically the model professional (on and off the pitch). Lampard is more postionally astute on a minute-by-minute basis, and just generally more disciplined when it comes to sticking to a role, but he has mostly played the same role over and over, whereas Gerrard has had to fill in for other players more often, playing in a wider variety of positions. Lampard was always more fit. Gerrard was faster than Lampard back in the day but not so much any more. Gerrard is adapting well to his newfound lack of pace, and Lampard has shown that he can play very well in defensive midfield, if needed, though it usually isn't needed. Neither player has the greatest first touch, but Lampard's is a bit better. When he was younger, Gerrard could use his pace to take the ball past people better than Lampard ever could. Lampard probably wouldn't have played that well on the wing, but I guess we'll never know. Both players are good at free kicks and corners. Neither player is known for being great at heading the ball but they are both pretty good at it. Lampard is way more intelligent and consistent, but when Gerrard is on fire, he really is on fire.

    There isn't much to choose between them, so it depends on what you look for in a player, but for overall consistency, fitness levels and an immense goal/assist record, I think I would rather build a team around Lampard.

  21. Also, Gerrard is slightly stronger than Lampard, but there's not a lot in it.

  22. Lampard stats are better than Zidane! does that mean he is a better player than the later was?? or even Scholes Xavi n Iniesta?? Lampard has played alongside Russian oiled machine, Gerard fight for Liverpool no matter what! GERARD all the way!

  23. If u wana start rating player via stats, it therefore means Lampard is a far better player than Zidane, Platini, Iniesta, Ronaldinho etc... Pls I'm confused#####

  24. Lampard is 10x better than Gerrard, always has been. There's no question about it

  25. Lampard is a shit Gerrard-Best

  26. No question about it Frank Lampard is the greatest midfielder ever to grace a football pitch only player who can compare with him is platini. People that say zidane lol dont make me laugh stats proves everything always has and always will now go look Lampard vs Zidane based on stats not who's got the thiner hair

  27. Lampard has more goals, assists then any other midfielder ever to play football and that says a lot about a footballer so there's only one thing to it lampard will go down as the best midfielder to play football better then zidane, Xavi inesta yes you heard it hear first now deal with it