Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dropping Webb Turned disastrous claims Ferguson

United Missed Their 12th man Badly last night

Sir Alex Ferguson has blamed his side’s humiliating defeat against Man City on the Premier League’s inability to field a referee who is a Man Utd fan.

Ferguson highlighted the absence of their talismanic decision maker, Howard Webb as a key factor in the outcome of the game. . Howard Webb would have gave us 2 penalties in similar cases (pointing out what Webb has done to the team in the Past against Chelsea ,Tottenham and Liverpool) .

The Referee was completely unbiased . How can he do like that . Any Referee would gave a red card to Kompany for that theatrical dive by Wayne Rooney . ( Lee Mason Against QPR ) . They were dominating possession at times why didn't he blow the whistle and award a freekick to Man United . Marriner was totally out of his mind . There were times when they made us look stupid and yet the referee’s done nothing to protect us.

The Goal should be Disallowed

                                 Sir Alex claims that the goal should be disallowed . He said that De gea is only twenty and how could someone head the ball that quick to my poor boy., Totally rapacious actions by the Man City player there . The Man City player should be send of for that . Its an absolute Disgrace . He claims that Yaya toure was too strong for his Midfielders . How could Mancini field a player of that strength in his Midfield . The result is really Unfair On us .

I tried a De Matteo And Failed
                        Sir Alex agreed his tactical failure on his match against Man City . I tried to park the bus (just like Chelsea did against Barcelona)  but then realized that Carrick is no Ramires and Rooney is no Drogba . Most Importantly De Gea is No Cech ! .

Fans View
“It doesn’t make any sense not to include Webbo.He could have turned it around for Man united " A hardcore man United supporter said this after the match . He was watching the match on TV at Pune India and was surprised by the exclusion of Howard Webb from the tie .

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  1. And to think that Fergie blamed Mancini for trying to influence referees... Comedy gold.

    Fergie's cracking up...!!!