Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deserved Champions or Undeserved ?

So You say Bayern deserved it more than Chelsea . Well let me ask you Something .

If Cech guessed 6 penalties right and saved three of them , did  he deserve to be win Champions League o

Ashley cole made 8 important interception ( more than the whole Bayern squad . ) did he deserve the Champions league .

A team playing without their captain , their player of the year and their most influential defender on a final that too on opponents home ground still manage to come up with something . Don't they deserve it .

David Luiz and Gary Cahill players who played with hamstring injuries defended their area just like they were defending for their life , don't they deserve to be called worthy champions

18 corners wasted by Bayern , Chelsea got only one and they scored that one and you say the team who wasted 18 corners deserved it more than the team who took their only chance.

Bayern players were shooting stars and you say they deserve it more than Chelsea..Let me ask  ..why you say they deserve it that for wasting the chances they got.

Let me ask Did Chelsea Cheat , Did Chelsea get any soft penalties , Did Any of Bayern's Goal was ruled out unfairly .. Then why do you say they don't deserve it .

So you are saying the team who wasted the chances they got (even the penalty) deserved the title more than the team who took their only chance and defended their post with their life.

One doesn't Simply bet against German teams in penalties .. And if a team could beat a German in shootout that too in their home ground didn't deserve the title then no one else do ! 


  1. Chelsea played the game as if it was an away game in Europe.
    Oh wait...
    It actually was an away game. Did you see what the banner said?
    "Unser Stadt, Unser Stadion, Unser Pokal"

    Chelsea deserved it. 100%. Missing chances is not "unlucky". It's either lack of skill or (in this case) "bottling" it. Chelsea took their one chance in the game. Came from 2-0 down in the shootout (at the Bayern end of the pitch). Unbelievable.

    P.S. - Can't really decide which penalty was better. David Luiz's or Ashley Cole's.

  2. Petr Cech said he had watched all penalties taken by all Bayern's penalty takers from 2007 onwards.
    Guessing the right way 6 times out of 6 was not "luck". It was great research. Well done Cech. Fully deserved it. Everyone talks about Drogba being the hero but for me, Cech was the real hero.

  3. 18 corners + no goals = Chelsea defense > Bayern attack
    1 corner + 1 goal = Chelsea attack > Bayern attack

  4. RE: AnonymousMay 25, 2012 12:33 AM

    Sorry that should read as
    "1 corner + 1 goal = Chelsea attack > Bayern defense"

  5. David Luiz's penalty alone was deserving of the CL ;-)