Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Manchester United Fans are the most Hated ones in the world

Typical Arguments by Manchester United Fans ! 

# David Luiz is a shit Defender 

 That's why Barcelona is offering 35 Million for him . If you call Luiz shit what will you Call Evans , Evra and Ferdinand 

# John Terry Sleeps with his team mates wife so he is not a Legend .

What about Ryan giggs you morons . 

# Ferdinand is Better Than John Terry .

 Bitch Please Terry has been selected as UEFA defender of the year 3 times which isn't bettered by None 

# Suarez hasn't shaked hands with Evra he should be sold 

What about those United players who refused to shake hands with Viera in the past . 

# Suarez is a Diver 

Rooney has been booked 4 times for diving , Nani has been booked 6 times , Chicharito has been booked 4 times & Suarez has been booked ...never ..and ya its a true fact . 

# Balotelli has been extremely disrespectful 

If Evra can celebrate Infront of Suarez why can't Balotelli 

# Cristiano Ronaldo Better than Messi 

Bitch Please !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

# Arsenal FC = RVP FC 

If Arsenal is one man team what about Man United . Take a look at Rooney and his goals and talk you bitches .

And finally when they are out of answers 

 # "Haters hate !! ur hate makes us stronger !! " #

For united fans information we dont care if u have more trophies than others or if u took take shit in the morning.first learn to respect other teams !!Even ur united team would be embarrassed if they know that idiots like u support their team !! 
"Give respect and take respect "!!


  1. Awesome work dude ...... Hut if look at the handshake refusal carefully evra brings his arm down when suarez is gonna shake it and suarez not wanting any furthur akwardness moves on ........ Like jhonson has already pointed out ......

  2. There's plenty of gracious United fans. Unfortunately, they aren't as vocal or visible as the ungracious, uncouth variety. For every gracious Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea/etc fan there is an equivalent United fan and the same with the other variety. Real classy language btw. 1 comment on your 'article' in how many months, WOW! I wonder if any United fans think opposition fans opinions are important when all they get from them is hate? I doubt it...

  3. both clubs have fans like this....
    "what is the point"..... if you are doing the same to them. No one makes things bad than fans....if you hate unitd fans they will hate you back only.....
    I was a member of steven gerrard fan page coz i lyk him...but the only thing of discussn there is 'how united can be bad than liverpool' not even a good pic of gerrard...just not sayin only liverpool fans are lyk that some of us also do the same shit...just share the enthusiasm and respect each the best rivals in the world ever...