Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alex and AVB continental coaching

Alex Ferguson Is Curious How AVB Reached The Quadraple Last

Year, So He Decides On A Visit To London To See How AVB Coaches His Team.
after A Day He Is Not ReallyImpressed By The Training Practices,
So He Asks AVB How He Gets HisPlayers So Sharp. 'well It Is Simple. I
Sometimes Ask My Players A DifficultQuestion, And That Way They Stay
Really Sharp Mentally'. Of Course .Fergie Wants An Example, So
AVB Asks Lampard To ComeOver To The Touchline.
AVB Asks: 'Frank, He Is Not Your Brother, But Still He Is Your Father's
Son. Who Is He?'
'that Is Not Difficult', Frank Answers Immediately, 'of Course That Is Me'.
'you See? That's The Way You Keep Them Sharp', AVB Says To Fergie.
ferguson, Who Wants To Win The Quadraple Also, Decides To Bring This
Into Manchester United's Practice
The Next Day. He Calls Wayne Rooney Over To The Touchline.
'Wazza, I Have A Question For You',
He Says, 'he Is Not Your Brother, ButStill He Is Your Father's Son, Who Is He?'.
'bleedin' 'ell', Is The Wazza Reply, 'that Is A Tough One To
Answer, Can I Sleep On That One Night, And Why Have You Asked Me This Question?'
fergie Explains It Has To Do With Some Continental Coaching Trick And
Agrees With The One Night Postponement.
so That Night Wazza Decides To Call Sturridge . He Has Played On The
Continent, Maybe He Knows Something About These Continental
Coaching Methods. 'Daniel, Maybe You Know The Answer To This Question,
He Is Not Your Brother, But Still He Is Your Father's Son. Who Is He?'.
'that Is Easy, That Is Me!', Says Daniel Sturridge
so The Next Day Rooney Walks Full Of Confidence To Ferguson. Fergie Asks:
'Wazza, Do You Know The Answer To My Question Now?'. 'yes It Was
Actually Very Easy', He Says, 'it's Daniel Sturridge'.
ferguson Answers: 'no Of Course Not You Fucking Arsehole. It's Frank Lampard .' xD xD

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