Monday, May 23, 2011

Irony : Arsene Staying , Ancelloti Sacked

Arsene Wengar didnt manage to win a silver since 2005 . But still he is the Manager of Arsenal.

Most of the fans want to sack this guy but the board have still confidence in this person. As every know his style is monotunous and he deserved to be sacked . But the board have faith in thier long serving Boss . Patience is good but this much patience will do bad than good. As the fans are chanting in Social networking sites please sack this guy bring some one fresh and new to bring back the morale in the dressing room .

Do Ancelloti realy deserved to be sacked ? I think Carlo should be given one more year . Remember he is the manager who has got the league double last year . He brought back premier division title to Stamfordbridge that too in some style . He brought the attcking nature to this chelsea side . Is this the way to treat a manager who borught back the glory . Roman Abro u took the wrong decision , he deserved to stay with the blues . I think roman should manage this club and have to sack himself at the end of the season .

Isnt it irony that the one who needs to be patient has been extremely impatient and the one who has to impatient being extremely patient .


  1. Carlo will always be welcome at Stamford Bridge, where he will be given the reception and respect his position in our history deserves

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