Sunday, May 29, 2011

SAF Tactical Gamble Fails . Barcelona Triumphed At Wembley


SAF decision to Play Hernandez instead of Berbatov ( their record signing and League Top scorer ) back fired badly . Chicharito failed to performed according to his hyped up reputation and as a result Manchester United has sinken without trace in Wembley . Congrats to Barca who dominated the game with their of art of passing . Chicharito was terrible through out the match and hardly had any influence on the ball. He was caught offside not lessthan 5 times in the match .

His decision to play Giggs ahead of Nani also found wrong as as Xavi and Andres Iniesta flashed around him, holes appearing everywhere. A collosal performance fromVidic , a moment of brilliance from Rooney and series of saves from VDS made the scoreline bit good. Barca dominated and won by 3 -1 .Ggoals for Pedro, Messi and Villa . Rooney grabbed the consolation goal for Manchester.


1. Pedro Assited by Xavi ( barcelona )
                                          A  hole for Xavi to chase into. He looked. He looked again. He rolled the ball to Pedro, who beat Van der Sar with ease.

2.Rooney assisted by giggs ( Manchester United )
                                           It was Rooney who delivered at the end of a move which saw the Premier League champions carve Barcelona open with their own game. A quick pass from Fabio to Rooney, to Michael Carrick, to Rooney, to Giggs, to Rooney, into the corner from 15 yards. Goaaallllll

3. Messi Assisted by Iniesta(Barcelona)
                                            Iniesta rolled a pass to the Argentinian, a worthy heir to Diego Maradona. Offered a couple of yards to dart into, he did exactly that, then beat VDS with a 20-yard shot that required barely any back lift, and found the ball resting inside the net

4. Villa assisted by Sergio Busquets ( Barcelona)
                                                        Nani committed suicide by gifting the ball to Messi by the touchline. In attempting to atone for his error, the winger made it worse.Sergio Busquets quickly laid the ball off to Villa, who took one touch before curling a sublime shot into the top corner.

From that hammer blow, there was no way back.

Man of the Match

  Messi, who scored a stunning solo goal - his first on English soil for his club .


  1. His decision to play Giggs is justified . Nani also Failed to deliver

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  3. lol!! Man Utd are trash :L