Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Andy Carroll or Fernando Torres . Which one is the real waste of money ?

Both of them Failed to perform as per their price tag

In 41 appearances for Chelsea (13 as sub) Fernando Torres had scored 5 goals . Andy Carroll has got 6 goals for Liverpool (33 apps) . But 3 out of six goals of Andy Carroll came against low profile oppositions .
Torres has 10 assists for Chelsea where as Carroll has none.

Chelsea paid 50 million for pricing out Nando from Liverpool . Torres performance for Chelsea was a real let down 5 goals &10 assists is not what Chelsea fans expecting from this former Ballon d'or runner up . The good thing is Torres still have the backing of Chelsea fans . But in Andy Carroll's case the scene is different . 35 million paid for a player ( ya he is young ) 6 goals and 0  assists which shows exactly how poor Carroll was for Liverpool. Even the Liverpool fans were frustrated with his performance for the team .

Financially Which deal is better 

Torres deal of 50 M  financially helped Chelsea a lot . Torres is the name that  most number of Chelsea fans request in their Replica shirts . Where as  Liverpool took a bloody gamble on signing Carroll . 35 million for a player who has a premier division experience of just 6 months. That gamble failed badly financially and performance wise . Torres deal helped to boost Chelsea's merchandising anot just in Asia but all across Asia. Sources show that the merchandising index between Torres and Carroll is 240 x . ie. 240 Torres replica kit / One Carrol replica kit  so far world wide . Chelsea got almost 48% of the money they invested on Torres within one year . 


Torres deal was the better deal among these two  .  ( Its an under statement ) 

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